Snow is gone and the bike trails are running. 

The flow trail and lower flow trails are running good. 

The westside trail is great but still continued to be worked on, please be aware of changing conditions. 

Just below the flow trail, we are installing a new downhill gravity trail.  We currently work Tuesday evenings on this trail to get it complete.  Stay tuned for more updates and hopefully a race in the fall.

OutdoorMore, Inc Received Their Non-Profit Status through the IRS

OutdoorMore, Inc has officially received our non-profit 501(c)3 status through the IRS. This has been almost 2 years in the works and a dedicated committee to make that happen. Huge thank you for our amazing, committed, and driven committee that backs this project.

More project updates are coming much happening in the background for approvals, we look forward to updating everyone on what's happening.