OutdoorMore Inc. Photo Contest 2017

OutdoorMore Inc. of Eau Claire, WI is hosting an online Digital Photo Contest. This photo contest is sponsored by OutdoorMore Inc. (501c3 non-profit). OutdoorMore's first project has been to partner with the city of Eau Claire, WI to rebuild and reinvent the former ski hill located at Pinehurst Neighborhood Park.  OutdoorMore's vision is to create many valuable community assets where any resident of the Chippewa Valley can get OUTDOORMORE all year long through a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities. 

This contest is open to all professional and amateur photographers. OutdoorMore Board Members, Employees, or interns are the only people not allowed to participate in the contest. 

The Photo Contest begins at 12:00am CDT on April 1, 2017 and ends as 12:00am CDT on June 1, 2017.  Any entries submitted before or after this time period will not be accepted.

The Public voting period will start at 12:00am CDT on June 12, 2017 and ends  at 12:00am CST on June 30, 2017. Votes submitted before or after this time period will not be counted.  All voting will be done through our website and voting software.

OutdoorMore Inc. has committed to the future of outdoor recreation for family, youth, and anyone that wants to get outdoor more in the Chippewa Valley. For this Photo Contest, we would like to see "Your Eau Claire" or "Your Chippewa Falls" by submitting a photo that ties together a photo of nature plus a landmark in the Chippewa Valley. The nature part of the photo can be anything having to do with nature...trees, animals, rocks...anything nature.  The landmark part of the photo can be anything in Eau Claire or Chippewa Falls that is a notable landmark that people know or brings back memories of our past or show what our future holds in the Chippewa Valley.

Please submit files at www.Outdoormore.org/photocontestsubmit and files should be no larger than 20MB at the time of entry.  Submit only .JPEG or .PNG formats.  Standard photo optimization editing is allowed but major photo altering will be disqualified. 

By submitting a photo, you give OutdoorMore Inc. the right to use your photo in our new OutdoorMore calendar for 2018/2019.  You may include a water mark and your name/company name will be listed if your photo is chosen to be in the calendar. Questions? email thepinehurstproject@gmail.com

-If your photo infringes on others personal rights or copyrights rights.
-If there is anything with sexual nature in your photo.
-Photoshop or altering your photo other than basic editing.
-Large watermarks that make judging difficult.

Photos will be voted on by the public through our website and voting software.  Multiple voting will NOT be allowed.

There will be three (3) prizes given out as listed.

1) 1st place: Most votes overall (professional and amateur together)

2) 2nd place: Runner up for most votes overall

3) 1st place: Most votes for a photo by a youth photographer (under age 17)
***Youth can win both #1 & #3

Prizes as listed.

1st Place for over all votes: 
-$250.00 cash plus the use of your image on the cover of the new OutdoorMore Calendar.

2nd Place:
-$150 cash

Best Youth Photo:
-$150 plus the use of your image on the back page of the new OutdoorMore Calendar.


OutdoorMore Inc.